House of Dosas

A Family Restaurant

Rice Specialties

Lemon Rice fragrant rice cooked with lemon juice and spices 9.95

Tamarind Rice* rice cooked with tamarind and other spices 9.95

Tomato Rice* rice cooked with tomatoes and spices 9.95

Vegetable Biryani rice cooked with garden fresh vegetables and spices 9.95

Ven Pongal* rice cooked with moong dal and other spices 9.95

Vengi Bath* rice cooked with eggplant and other spices 9.95

Yogurt Rice rice cooked with yogurt 9.95

Coconut Rice rice cooked with coconut and other spices 9.95

Vegetable Fried Rice rice and vegetables, prepared with assorted spices 10.95

Bisibila Bath rice cooked with garden fresh vegetables and lentils 9.95

Panneer or Tofu Pulav rice cooked with home-made cheese or tofu and spices 10.95

Vegetables Noodles fried noodles made with vegetables and other spices 10.95

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