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House of Dosas

A Family Restaurant



a thin rice crepe 8.95

Masala Dosa

a thin rice crepe with potato masala 9.95

Butter masala dosa*

crepe cooked with butter and served with potato masala 11.95

paper masala dosa

crispy thin crepe w/ potato masala 13.95

onion & CHilli masala dosa

Mini idly soaked in sambar 12.95

Butter garlic mysore masala dosa

puffed rice with onions, tomatoes, chillies, and spices 14.95

ghee roast masala dosa

lentil dumplings with onions and potatoes 11.95


mysore masala dosa

mixed vegetable stuffed rolls 11.95


cheese masala dosa (Kid-Friendly)

minced vegetables with spices, crumbled and fried 12.95


What is Dosa? A thin rice crepe served with an assortment of chutneys and our freshly prepared in-house sambar. "Masala" means that the dosa is served with a homemade potato filling (Served on the side for to-go orders). If you want your dosa without masala, just order it "Sada."

We present to you our delicious and palatable dishes with the best service. All of our entrees are naturally prepared on the premises with quality ingredients in pure vegetable oil and with authentic spices. No artificial ingredients or preservatives are added to our recipes.

* = spicy entrees

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