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House of Dosas

A Family Restaurant


Badam Halwa with vanilla ice cream (on side extra $2) 6.95

Carrot Halwa with mango ice cream (on side extra $2) 6.95

Gulab Jamun solidified milk balls deep fried with sugar and syrup 5.95

Ice Cream vanilla- or mango-flavored 5.95

Kulfi malai-Indian homemade ice cream 5.95

Lychee with vanilla ice cream 6.95

Payasam- Warm vermicelli and tapioca pudding 6.95

Rasamalai home-made cottage cheese in rose-flavored milk 5.95

Banana Kesari- Semolina cooked w/ Banana 5.95

Taro Payasam- King Purple Taro cooked with Coconut Milk 5.95

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