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House of Dosas

A Family Restaurant

"Authentic South Indian Vegetarian cuisine

at extremely reasonable prices!" -Laura C., Wantagh

"I ordered a cup of Rasam ($1.95) and it was completely amazing. The spices were dancing all over my taste buds. The heat was not burning, but instead it was a nice warm and full heat, full of flavor.

For dinner I got the Onion Rava Masala Dosa ($8.95) which is a Semolina Crepe w/ Potato Masala inside that comes with 3 dipping sauces. The waiter assured me that they didn't use ghee, butter, or milk to make it and that it was dairy free. This Dosa was one of the tastiest things I have had in a while. The dipping sauces were great too. I have no experience eating Indian food, so I had no idea how to eat the Dosa. I did what came naturally and ate it with my hands. It was yummy and not too messy doing it that way. You get a HUGE portion of the Semolina Crepe and I'm so glad you do because I could go on forever about how flavorful it was." -Russell H., East Meadow

"A very yummy and affordable meal awaits you here. A nice change from the "regular," more mainstream Indian food that most are familiar with. Tasty crispy crepes with yummy fillings tucked inside." -Yaka H. Ellicott City, MD

"Amazing amazing amazing!!

I have to slap my coveted city of New York when I say. Why can't you compete against this place when it comes to vegetarian Indian? I've been all over the city and can't find one place that does dosa wraps this good at such ridiculously low prices." -Matthew F., Huntington Station

"Eat like a king and you will never break the bank. This place has amazing curry dishes and excellent dosas." -Adam P., Northport

"The best Indian place on the Island. The Dosa are like 3 foot Indian burritos and they are delicious. The thali lunch is good too! The owner and staff are friendly and go out of their way to make you feel at home." -James D., Rocky Point

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