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House of Dosas

A Family Restaurant

Mother's DAy weekend menu


two pieces of steamed rice and lentil patties 4.95

Podi Idly*

Idly and spicy podi mix 6.95

Mini Idly

mini sized idly with sambar or butter 5.95

Idly in Sambar

Mini idly soaked in sambar 6.95

Idly in Rasam

mini idly soaked in rasam 6.95

Rava Idly

two pieces of semolina and lentil patties 6.95



two pieces of fried lentil doughnuts 4.95

Vada in Sambar

vada soaked in sambar 6.95

Vada in Rasam

vada soaked in rasam 6.95


one piece of idly and one piece of vada 4.95

Dahi Vada

lentil balls soaked in spicy yogurt 6.95

Dal Vada

crispy channa dal vada 6.95

Bhel Puri

puffed rice with onions, tomatoes, chillies, and spices 6.95

Aloo Bonda

lentil dumplings with onions and potatoes 6.95


Spring Roll

mixed vegetable stuffed rolls 6.95



minced vegetables with spices, crumbled and fried 6.95


Paneer Cutlet

home-made cheese with potatoes and mint leaves 6.95

Pakora (Regular)

onion, spinach, and chick peas flour fritters 5.95


Mixed Vegetable Pakora

mixed vegetables dipped in chick peas as flour fritters 6.95


Chilli Pakora*

hot green chillies dipped in chick peas as flour fritters 6.95


Panneer or Tofu Pakora

homemade cheese or tofu dipped in chick peas & flour fritters 6.95


Panneer or Tofu or Mushroom Sauteed*

homemade cheese w. chillies, onions, green peppers - 7.95


Mini Samosa (5 pcs)

Potato and Pea filled pastry


Creme of Wheat with Mild Spice

We present to you our delicious and palatable dishes with the best service. All of our entrees are naturally prepared on the premises with quality ingredients in pure vegetable oil and with authentic spices. No artificial ingredients or preservatives are added to our recipes.

Our chefs will introduce you to the most refined styles of regional cooking. It will taste just like a home-cooked meal. Food is made to order depending on the spice level asked for: mild, medium, hot, or spicy hot. We hope you enjoy our cooking to the fullest!

* = spicy entrees

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